A liitle about the repeater

Both repeaters are located HERE, on the roof of Bath University overlooking the historic city of Bath

GB3UB is the 70cm 433mhz voice repeater and operates on 433.100/434.700mhz, ctcss 118.8hz. It uses a converted Storno base station using G8CUL logic running 10w to two Jaybeam folded dipoles. It provides hand-held coverage around the city of Bath, out towards Chippenham, down towards Midsomer Norton and across towards Westbury. It is internet linked via Echolink (node no. 201135 )
MB7UB is the APRS data digipeater.

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15 August 2021


 MB7UB, the APRS Digi has been quiet for a while and Covid prevented me from visiting the site. However, visit made on Friday and the radio changed over to an TMD-700. This seems to be working very well with a lot of stations being heard on RF. I will at some stage get the original set up sorted.

03 June 2020


 Just noticed this site has not been updated since last year.

The repeaters continue to operate without too many issues. I have had an issue with the Internet linking laptop. I have now resolved that by using a separate WIFI feed to it. having found my vertical had burned out and replaced it, I can now access the repeater without any issues.  

25 June 2019

Internet link relicensed.

Just a short note. The repeaters are continuing to work without too many problems. I have now received the NOV for the link for another year.