A liitle about the repeater

Both repeaters are located HERE, on the roof of Bath University overlooking the historic city of Bath

GB3UB is the 70cm 433mhz voice repeater and operates on 433.100/434.700mhz, ctcss 118.8hz. It uses a converted Storno base station using G8CUL logic running 10w to two Jaybeam folded dipoles. It provides hand-held coverage around the city of Bath, out towards Chippenham, down towards Midsomer Norton and across towards Westbury. It is internet linked via Echolink (node no. 201135 )
MB7UB is the APRS data digipeater.

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21 June 2018

GB3UB, now OK

Following the problem with the repeater not retransmitting a visit was made today. We checked all the settings which were OK, but as a result of plugging a computer in it seems to have cured the problem. Hopefully this was just some form of problem with the logic CPU.

08 June 2018

Logic problem

It appears the logic at UB has became corrupted again. I did make a visit today and made a hard reset but to no avail. I will try and make a visit soon with a lap top and reload the logic. The repeater is still sending an ident. 

06 May 2018

Unlicensed operators

It has come to my attention that unlicensed operators are using the output of GB3UB (433.100) These appear to be hot air balloon operations. This is actually much more serious than it first seems. There are special frequencies for  Hot Air balloons and all pilots must hold a air radio licence, also amateur radio is not permitted in any airborne vehicle. The consequences of interference to them is extremely serious.
If you hear  any operations please contact me immediately. use messenger, email or text. Please try to obtain a company. I will be contacting local companies to inform them of the interference, but may need to contact Ofcom if no joy. Please do not make contact with them as this is in contravention of your licence.