A liitle about the repeater

Both repeaters are located HERE, on the roof of Bath University overlooking the historic city of Bath

GB3UB is the 70cm 433mhz voice repeater and operates on 433.100/434.700mhz, ctcss 118.8hz. It uses a converted Storno base station using G8CUL logic running 10w to two Jaybeam folded dipoles. It provides hand-held coverage around the city of Bath, out towards Chippenham, down towards Midsomer Norton and across towards Westbury. It is internet linked via Echolink (node no. 201135 )
MB7UB is the APRS data digipeater.

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04 May 2023

Echolink revived

 Little update on the Echolink. After a little work the link is now working, still not 100% happy with the audio, but it is workable. Hopefully it will continue without any major issues.

16 April 2023


 Unfortuantly I have not been able to restore the Echolink link. To be truthful I have lost interest in Echolink. There are now multiple ways to access amateur radio via VOIP, I also struggle to access UB from here now which I suspect is due to trees and building work on site.  The NOV expires in July, so there is time for my interest to lift. Or of course someone else may like to run it.

22 March 2023

Echolink down

 Unfortuantly the Echolink link is currently not working. I hope to sit and try and work out the cause in the near future.